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What our Clients are saying about us!

We appreciate our clients taking time to give us feedback on our services and how they have helped them in business. We like to know how well we are meeting and exceeding our clients goals and expectations.


Please find below a some testimonials we have received that show what our Clients are saying about us.


"Beth is an expert in the field of change management and her coaching is friendly, insightful, fun and informative. Her sessions share a new way of thinking and useful tools to take away for use when implementing and managing business change projects. Thanks for the great session - you were a brilliant speaker and it was the best seminar i've attended in a long time. "

Katie Finch, Marketing Manager, Kempton Carr Croft

“Beth is one of the most creative people I have ever met. Warm hearted, insightful and very focussed. She has excellent strategic perspective and a flair for entrepreneurial ideas. She is excellent at seeing things through and intellectually very astute.”

Debbie Raikes-May Interim Manager & Coach, Clock Consultancy

Beth Hughes was able to give impartial and strategic advice during my redundancy and subsequent company set-up earlier this year. Her consultation proved invaluable with clear thinking, and ability to anticipate, understand and work through organizational politics to help me achieve a good outcome. She was able to direct me to free and useful resources for setting up my own business and explain some of the choices I had regarding company set-up. This saved me time and energy and took some of the stress out of the process. I can highly recommend her knowledge and ability to understand different industries.

Jenny Moloney Managing Director, Cracking Communications Ltd

“I worked with Beth on a number of projects including distribution strategy and cost optimisation programmes. Beth is very insightful, able to get to the heart of issues quickly and provide creative and effective solutions. She is a confident leader and excellent coach. She presents well and is experienced at presenting to very senior audiences. She is articulate and a first class communicator. A consummate professional."

Mike Freeman Head of Location Planning, Nationwide Building Society

Whilst I was Director of the Branch Network of circa 700 branches Beth was extremely effective in researching worldwide Financial Retailing initiatives that we could consider and in encouraging the adoption of wider Retail practices such as the role of a host in a retail outlet. This was a period of significant cultural change for our Retail employees and Beth helped significantly in the communication and implementation of the change programme.

Director, UK Bank Robin Bailey

I worked on projects with Beth Hughes in the internal consultancy team at Nationwide Building Society. Beth is skilled at both working out what is going wrong in business, and at finding creative and workable ways to rectify the problems. Beth demonstrates credibility and builds confidence with all levels of stakeholders, maintaining good communications and delivering projects on time and to budget. At a personal level, Beth is professional diplomatic and discrete. She is also smart, tenacious and hard working, and will not give up when a project becomes challenging. I can definitely recommend Beth; she will add value to any business.

Melvyn Ball

Thank you so much for working with us on our business service client’s change programme. We really needed the structural support you gave to bringing their vision into reality. I think it went very well for us to do what we do best in drawing out the clear vision and then for you to see it through to completion and operation. I know the client truly appreciates the work you did and that they’ll miss you around the place as will we. Here’s to the next project !

MLA International Ltd Maggie Lawrie Managing Director

Beth is a pleasure to work with and a true professional in her field. Her style of asking questions makes you really think about what you want to achieve from working with Beth. Beth has provided me with some extremely valuable tools that will continue to impact on and help me as I grow my business. I would highly recommend Beth to business owners needing professional business guidance but personally I think she is a necessary and welcome asset to any new business owner like myself that has recently moved from a corporate career. Thank-you Beth for your ongoing support, energy and extremely beneficial business tips and tools.

Forever Living Products, Vikki Cook

I was thoroughly impressed with the skill and knowledge which Beth demonstrated. She is a great listener and is able to understand very quickly what issues may lurk within one’s head including any dangers which may need eradicating to allow for more progress in a business. She is clearly very experienced within the corporate world and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any associates or business owners who I feel may be in need of some external help in dealing with managing and growing any business more effectively. She is an asset to her profession. 

Keith Penny, Managing Director, Penny Matters Ltd

Beth has reshaped our business to great advantage. She is highly skilled, intelligent, understanding, concise and with excellent interpersonal skills. Very helpful, focused and highly recommended.

Brian Moffatt, Director, Petrophase Ltd

“I am delighted to recommend Beth to any company wanting to develop and, in particular to start-up companies establishing themselves in the marketplace. Beth's skills are backed up by a rigorous application of academic research which she adapts and applies expertly to meet the individual needs of her clients. She has the perspicacity to identify problem areas and weaknesses quickly and the expertise to suggest practical, achievable steps to overcome them.

Beth is a pleasure to work with - a professional with authority and the ability to motivate and inspire. She is also an excellent and informative speaker.”

Alison Hesketh, Owner, TimeFinders Retirement Downsizing Service

“Beth was hired to facilitate our annual two day management away-a-day at an offsite location. Whilst we had a strategic plan in place, it was more “in our heads”. Beth immediately took hold of the situation and very quickly came up with a plan. She had not only learnt our business but ably helped to facilitate the two days and help our team form a strategy as well as a business plan that we could not only understand but simple to monitor. We now look forward to executing the plan. I would recommend Beth’s no nonsense, practical approach.”

Stuart Hall, Managing Director, Employer Services Limited

"There comes a time in every Business owner’s life when it’s time to re-evaluate what you’ve been doing. Our business was growing organically doing well when we lost our vision and where we were going with it, we just got bogged down in the day to day running. It’s a bit like having a baby watching it grow up slowly in to a child; you get bogged down in the day to day stuff about bring up children and then you hit the teen years and you just don’t understand what you’re dealing with. It’s a new and scary ball game and you’re not sure you can keep up with this new entity - you need new tools for handling it but are not sure what they are and your vision gets clouded. I was lucky I met Beth and she used tools that helped me to identify what the issues were. This was empowering because I could see clearly where I had got lost and what I need to do to handle the subtle changes that had been going on in the business. I had gone in to the meeting feeling over whelmed and bogged down by it all – I left several hours’ later feeling lighter happier and clearer about what need to be done. She was an amazing catalyst for change and hope that not everything has to be done at once I just need to take the necessary steps on a daily bases and inspire those around me to support my vision. I endorse Beth because she is a special lady and brilliant at what she does."

Ellen Kramer, Principal and Course Director, College Of Practical Homeopathy


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