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At Making Change Stick our passion is to help businesses to grow.  We do this by taking a three step approach.


Step 1 - Helping you find the answers to some critical questions


1. Are you easy to do business with?
2. Are your customers at the heart of your business?
3. Is everyone and everything in your business heading in the right direction?
4. Is your business 'fit enough' to build on? 
Do you know where your business is going?

Once you have your answers to these, and other key questions, you will have a great plan for growth and success. However, a plan is merely a piece of paper if it is not implemented effectively. That is why so many of our clients also ask for our help to implement their plan and make these changes happen and stick.


Step 2 - Implementing change for business growth and success

Every client is unique so every project will need its own blend of project management, process or organisational design, skills transfer, training and communication. Ultimately, making change stick will help you create a stronger business, that is focused on the future...and on target to achieving and exceeding your business goals.


Step 3 - Tracking and measuring success

There is an old saying that 'what gets measured gets done.' At making change stick we help our clients to put in place their own unique performance management system, covering all aspects of their business from customer satisfaction and employee utilisation to business growth and profit.


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