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Goals - Unsexy but Vital for Successful Change...

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Goals - Unsexy but Vital for Successful Change...

Ok, I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating again…. What is the first thing that young kids do when they go out to play football?  Make goals!  (Admittedly they usually do this by flinging their jumpers down onto the muddiest patch of ground they can find, but they do ALWAYS make goals!)
Children know that even when playing a game, it is so much more interesting and effective when you have clear, agreed, realistic and enforced goals.
In business terms, an effective change programme goal is:

- Clear, realistic, measureable and tracked

- Linked to a higher purpose ie the organisation’s vision

- Communicated again and again to all (whether directly or indirectly  affected)

So where do so many change programmes fail in this most vital of steps?  Communication is often the key weakness of a change programme.  Communication builds commitment in both the change team and in their target audience.
I’m doing another four week fitness and fat-loss challenge.  I have done these several times over the last year with some success, but I have not been able to make the change that I really want.  The answer?  To take my own advice, set a goal and then communicate it widely.  To this end, I have just had myself weighed, measured and my body-fat content calculated (horrible number, so let’s not dwell on that).  I now have clear targets set and a date booked to go back to be re-weighed, measured and checked for (hopefully less) body-fat.  In other words I’ve agreed my goal with someone independent and I am now publically committed to personal change for the next month… and I will report back!
How clear, realistic and measurable are your own business change programme goals?  Do your target audience understand these goals and how they fit into the bigger picture?  After the initial launch are you continuing to communicate progress, warts and all?  Are you and your target audience committed to success?
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