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'Great' vs 'Groan'

Have you ever walked into a shop or bank and wanted to walk straight out again? The clothes may have been fantastic or your need to deposit a cheque strong, but you have just felt unwelcome?

The staff probably had their backs to you or everyone had their head down hoping THEY won't be the one that had to 'deal' with you… And IF they deigned to make eye contact at all it will have been with a scowl for interrupting their cosy chat or safe admin!

On the other hand I'm also sure you have been to places where, quite frankly, the decor has seen better days (or even decades). And yet you have had a great experience. You felt welcome, you felt listened to, and even if they got bits wrong you were happy because you knew they were genuine and had your best interests at heart.

The difference between the 'great' and the 'groan' is the people…

So here's the technical bit… 'P – S – P':

P = People: If your people are focused and motivated they will give great service…

S = Service: If your customers get great service, they'll come back to you… and bring their friends

P = Profit: Your business will grow.

Sears Roebuck (the huge American department store chain) and Federal Express and both built their businesses on 'P – S – P'.

So what impression do you or your team want to give customers and potential clients? Are you a 'great' or a 'groan'?


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