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So how big is yours?

Astonishing as it may seem to us women, men may actually be right… size does matter! I am talking, of course about the size of your vision. So why is that?

Before I answer, let me remind you what your vision is for: Your vision is your picture of your business at some point in the future. This vision is the key reference point against which ALL decisions are considered – from how you answer the phone today to what product you launch next year and the year after that.

There are three important qualities of an effective Vision: 

1) It is a view of your business at least three years on. Your vision should take you beyond the everyday activity.

2) You are passionate about it. When you talk about your vision your eyes light up and your whole body changes.

3) The bigger the vision, the greater the energy it creates. You may not know exactly how you are going to achieve it, but you do know what your first few steps will be.  

So why does the size of your vision matter? Put simply, you build what you imagine. If small is what your heart wants then that is a great vision for you. But if you yearn for something bigger, then you need to be explicit about this in your vision.

But most importantly, whatever the size of your vision, having one WILL make your business more successful more quickly. It gives you something to test every decision against. In other words if I do X, then will it take me closer to the future I want for my business?

So how big is yours? 


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