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“I was blown away by Beth’s insightfulness, business knowledge and creative problem solving. She really helps us to focus as well as acting as a sounding board for ideas and strategies.”

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Beth Hughes

Beth Hughes is an experienced strategy and planning professional and has a passion for helping companies achieve and exceed their business goals. She has over twenty years of strategy development and implementation experience, working with companies of all sizes from blue chip corporates to small and medium sized businesses.

More than just a consultant, Beth helps businesses with the whole process of growing profitably - identifying the right vision, putting in the right structure and support systems and working with the team to make the right change happen profitably.

Beth believes that defining the ‘right’ strategy for a business is crucial for success. What’s ‘right’ will be unique for every business and Beth provides a fresh pair of eyes to help bring focus so that companies achieve and maximise their business potential. Using Beth to help this strategy development process ensures that all key questions are answered objectively, common pitfalls are avoided, and pace and energy are maintained. Beth has extensive experience of working with companies of all sizes to create unique and sustainable business strategies. So you can be assured that you will be in a safe pair of hands.

Beth also understands that implementing your business strategy is often harder than developing it. Challenges include getting buy-in from the people at all levels of your business, securing money and time, developing new ways of working, ensuring that ‘new’ and ‘existing’ activity stay aligned to the new business vision, and most importantly, ensuring that the changes ‘stick’.

Beth has a wealth of experience in making change happen and making change stick, both as a consultant, a business executive and business owner. Prior to setting up making change stick, Beth worked for Nationwide Building Society as Head of Retail Strategy. In her role she made some revolutionary changes which had a massive positive impact. Along with retail, other industry experience includes financial services, leisure, commercial aviation and professional services.


Beth Hughes

Beth is also a passionate speaker and has spoken at conferences around the world to audiences of all sizes and levels. (See speaker page for more details.)


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